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Androgen Excess in Women: A multidisciplinary challenge.

It will be a free online course based on 3 mandatory courses.

  • Androgen excess in pre-menopausal women
  • Androgen excess and cardiovascular disease
  • Menopause, cardiometabolic implications and androgen excess: Assessment and management

About the program

This program entitled ‘Androgen Excess in Women: A multidisciplinary challenge’ provides a comprehensive learning tool designed by an international faculty to improve outcomes for Androgen Excess in Women. Covering topics from Metabolic disease, Cardiovascular disease and Postreproductive health and its management in the context of polycystic ovary syndrome through to use of therapeutic agents and practical case studies, this program is highly interactive and easy to use to facilitate learning.

The target audience for this program is physicians in specialist and non-specialist settings including primary care.


This program is accredited by EACCME®

CME Accredited

Androgen Excess in Women: A multidisciplinary challenge

Please allow 3 hours in order to be prepared to accomplish the Assessment. Part 1 – 3 are only for training purpose and will not be evaluated. You would be able to redo at anytime the different modules in order to answer the Assessment.

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Meet the Faculty

Androgen Excess in Women: A multidisciplinary challenge’ has been developed by faculty committed to improving outcomes for Women with Androgen Excess

  • Prof. Johannes Bitzer, Switzerland
  • Dr John Stevenson, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Irene Lambrinoudaki, Greece
  • Prof. Dimitrios Goulis, Greece
  • Prof. Agnaldo Lopes da Silva Filho, Brazil
  • Prof. Dimitrious Goulis, Greece
  • Prof. Margaret Rees, United Kingdom